• Woke Athletes: Muhammad Ali, Colin Kapernick, and Marginalization
  • Sports Fans Anonymous: What’s the point?
  • Why We’re Fans
  • Be Your Own #1 Fan
  • The Family of Fandom

Stars Are Big

We’re living in the golden age of stardom, an age where anybody can rise to infamy. With the internets infinite sharing capabilities, when one person likes something or someone, they can share it, and their friends can share it, casting a viral net over the content. We call this, hype. This is clout generated not by the subject, but by the people, fans, press, and it’s incredibly prevalent in today’s…


History of Lacrosse: The Potential

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in our country and one of the oldest. Originating in the 1600s, almost 300 years before the start of American Football and Baseball, Lacrosse is gaining in popularity and expense. It is understanding that lacrosse has been adapted over the decades to improve interest and attention rates, but the cultural shift changes the whole perspective of the game. What was once a…


Why We’re Fans

Embed from Getty Images Before one becomes a sports writer, they usually start out as fans. And that’s why we’re going back to our roots, discussing our lives as fans. Whether it’s how stars interact with fans or the concept of fandom itself, we’re writing about what fandom means to us. From legacy fans to fans of teams from out-of-state, it’s important to look at the role of fans in…


Be Your Own #1 Fan

If I realized one thing this year, through a class which analyzes sports culture to a pulp, it’s that sports are merely an idea, nevertheless, an idea American as apple pie. Sports are a democratic function, every single one of them runs itself and only itself. From grassroots to glass roofs, nobody is forcing you to play sports, even that overly passionate high school wrestling coach can’t force you into…


The Family of Fandom

For many Americans, sports fandom is a family tradition, passed down like an old antique. You’re not sure who bought it, and even if it’s outdated or simply awful, it better be in your home or you know you’re going to get crap from dad at Thanksgiving. In football, a team in the league is like its own dysfunctional family and a big part of that identity are the fans,…