When Enough is Enough

October 9, 2016

Sports and controversy are no strangers: it’s like two uncles who don’t get along, but will still be at every gathering to stir up the pot. There a ton of issues we see across different sports today, such as gender inequality, corrupt management, hazing, and 100 other things. What I’m going to hone in on isn’t something that probably isn’t on the forefront of everyone’s mind. The jump from amateur…



September 27, 2016

Emerson College is a prestigious arts school, specializing in film, theater, marketing and communication, plus journalism. When it comes to studying the arts, Emerson is one of the greatest this media fueled country has to offer. Art Institutions are known for creating a system that revolves around the education – not extracurricular’s, especially athletics. Despite popular belief, Emerson should not be labeled one of those schools. Most students couldn’t tell…