Editorial Letter: Great Moments in Sports History

Most games come and go. The match we saw last week will fade from our memories in no time. But every once in a while there’s a moment that catches our eye, a moment that defines or even transcends the game, a moment that lives on forever. Some of these unforgettable moments can define a career, alter the sport’s landscape, or even change lives.

These moments include one man defying Hitler in the 1936 Olympics, an unknown receiver using his helmet to beat one of the greatest teams the world had ever known, a Hail Mary to shock the college football world, and countless others. In this special issue of Sunset Sports we are taking a closer look at some of the greatest moments in sports history. These include:

-The fight that launched UFC from near-obscurity into the limelight

Four Jamaican bobsledders journey to the winter Olympics despite having never seen snow

-The return of two transcendent players against the team they took to a championship

-A world class World Cup upset

-One man racing against prejudice and winning on the world’s biggest stage

-A prayer answered in Miami

-A catch that changed the history books and ended perfection

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