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The Stanley Cup and the Dynasties

I have talked at some length about the importance of the Stanley Cup. About how being the selected first hand-off has come to be one of the most meaningful transactions in sports. And now, I talk about what the Stanley Cup truly is – a goal. The Stanley Cup is first and foremost a trophy (albeit the greatest in sports), it is an ends to a mean. Every player in…


Fandom Across State Lines

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I will always be a big Chicago guy, because it’s home. It’s my city. I was born and bred in the cold weather, in the wind, in the middle of dynasties and the love of multiple teams. Because of this, I am first and foremost a Chicago Blackhawks fan. A Chicago White Sox fan. Embed from Getty Images But I also support…


The Impact Of Legacy Fandom

A legacy is the child of a graduate- whether that is a high school, college, Greek Chapter or sport. If your parents did it before you, you’re a legacy. In most cases, if you’re the legacy of a college grad it might be a factor helping you get into your parents’ Alma Mater- especially if they are making annual donations or had an impact on the school in some way-…


It’s In Your Head

So what happens after Lebron lost in the 2011 finals? He shed his skin as the villain of the NBA and learned to love the game again. A slight psychological change like that is what mattered for him to earn his very first ring in the NBA finals against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder. His branding image change significantly because the media attention stopped focusing on how Lebron is…


How to Take Your Fandom Off of the Court and Onto the Internet!

Social media presence is especially huge for professional athletes. It’s a benefit for the fans to have more insight on how their favorite players are doing, and it’s a benefit for the players to show other sides of who they are besides exclusively being an athlete. People such as Damian Lillard, Blazers’ starting point guard, has used social media to establish his rap career. By rapping on his Instagram, people…


God Bless Bo Jackson

For my past sport history pieces, I’ve covered the infamous Bo Jackson, his strengths and his triumphs,his legacy and his character, without mention of tribulations, that naturally come with a career in professional sports. Surely, everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days— athletes especially.. You may not see them, or see their demise unfold, but for those in the limelight constantly, you’ll always be able to recount pitfalls. For Bo,…