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The Wright Coach for Villanova

Jay Wright is the head coach for the Villanova Men’s Basketball Team. He has a total of 33 years of coaching experience under his belt, 21 of those years with the Wildcats. He is a two time Naismith College Coach of the Year, a five time Big East Coach of the Year and the two time America East Coach of the Year. His most recent victory was last seasons NCAA…


NFL Division Power Rankings

Every sport has power rankings and the NFL’s are a weekly ritual for any sports-writing website that covers the game. Using a combination of record, strength of schedule, and the team’s position moving forward, power rankings are one way for a fan to see how their team stacks up against the league in a deeper way than simply looking at the standings. Given the smaller schedule, an NFL team only…


Lebron: The Hero Turned Villain

Before LeBron James scored a single point as a member of the Miami Heat, he infamously claimed that he would win “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…” Oh boy did he get carried away in that moment. The spotlight had never been more heavily glared on his face at that moment. He welcomed the attention even though the majority was negative attention….


Concussions- When Will It End?

The NFL is a 63 billion dollar industry. Higher by a large margin, than any other sport in motion. Concussions—seem to be the elephant in the room when it comes to football as a whole.   I know I love to talk about it, and thankfully so does the media. Forbes did a whole segment plus article on it this past February, which gleaned very insightful. They claim Boston University…


Top 3 Picks: Modern Nike Basketball Commercials

Nike basketball commercials have come a long way since the black & white era of Michael Jordan’s “Is it the Shoes?” campaign. It was a time when commercials were still shot on film, and people were exploring the dynamics of camera movements and quick editing. The commercial starred Spike Lee who portrayed as Mars Blackmon who is an enthusiastic fanboy. The commercial garnered much attention as it gave Nike commercials…


The History of Lacrosse: The College Game

  Once the French settlers became interested in the Native American game between two teams, a ball and a stick with a racket end, they gave the game the generic name for any game played with a stick “Crosse,” and called it Lacrosse. The game began to grow in popularity in Canada, first with the settlers observing the Native game and joining in on the gambling. The soon began to…