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John YeonJoon Baik

Raptors Made 110 Points Against Blazers 103

             Toronto Raptors and Portland Trail Blazers met on January 4th. The Toronto Raptors recorded an 11 winning game streak for this regular season. Nevertheless, the team was not happy for their overall grade 23 win 16 lose, which holds the team the third in rank. While Blazers has been acclaimed for its defense strategies in the NBA at this moment, Raptors looks forward to start another winning game streak since the team lost and won for two previous games. The Blazer also hoped to keep their four-winning streak record, but the game ended with the Raptors winning, score 110 and 103.


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Damian Lillard made 27 points. With C.J. McCollum, they were the most astounding scoring team in the group with 44.9 scores per game during this season. Kyle Lowry paired with DeRozan combined to achieve 44 points every night.

The game was heated and each team’s score goes over one hundred. At the last quarter, Lowry seems to hit Steve Blake while going after a free ball, pushing him into the scorer’s table. Be that as it may, not just was a no foul given, the ball was awarded to the Raptors. Losing the game, the Blazer needs to have the ball to chase up in a short time. While attempting to evade attracting a foul, Lowry had hurled a wild pass above Blake’s head..

Oveall, The game was tough for both team.“We understood it was going to be a challenge tonight,” DeMar DeRozan said. Terry Stotts also mentioned that “They came out from nowhere,” during his interview. The Raptors snapped the Blazer’s five-winning streak and moved on for another long winning record.

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