Redemption is Sweet for the Packers in NFC Rematch

The Green Bay Packers have certainly proven their dominance these first two weeks of regular season football even without the help of Jordy Nelson. Sunday night’s matchup between the Packers and their rivals from last season’s NFC Championship game, the Seattle Seahawks, was predicted to be the biggest game of the week.

Both teams were ready to keep their nose to the grindstone with the Seahawks looking to tie up their (0-1) record and the Packers hoping to redeem themselves from the NFC title game. To no surprise, the Packers showed up on top of their game despite a setback from losing Eddie Lacy early in the first quarter due to ankle injury.

There’s no denying how strong these two teams are in their own respect. The Packers, led by Aaron Rodgers, know how to start the game off early while Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are recently known for their great comebacks.

The game started off slow and steady from both teams, but the Packers pulled ahead in the first quarter with a 30-yard touchdown pass to James Jones. Right before halftime, Jones caught another from Rodgers, but the touchdown was reversed due to a questionable out-of-bounds call. By halftime it was clear both teams’ defense were solid while offense had some re-vamping to do in order to score serious points (13-3).

The third quarter gave Aaron Rodgers some doubt with two touchdowns, bringing the Seahawks ahead for the first time all night. But the cool Rodgers stayed calm under pressure, throwing a 19-yard pass to Randall Cobb and then a touchdown plus two-point conversion by Richard Rodgers (24-17). And just when the Packers thought their spirits couldn’t get any higher, Elliott catches an interception, turning it back over to Green Bay.

After driving it to a first-and-goal, the Packers settled for a field goal after running time out to the two-minute warning. Another interception by Elliott sealed the deal for a Packers victory. It may not be a championship game, but Green Bay has asserted their mission to get back to the top of the NFC this season. The path to redemption will certainly be sweet for Aaron Rodgers. (27-17)

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