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Skybox Jocks is a student-created website developed through the seminar on Sports Communication at Emerson-Los Angeles. From high atop ELA’s new building on Sunset Boulevard, ELA students have a birds-eye view of the nexus of sports and media. Our contributors combine a passion for sports with a savvy understanding of the craft and business of entertainment born from their experience living and working in Los Angeles. The hot takes and thoughtful analysis you’ll get on this site are the product of a tough, no-nonsense Northeastern sports sensibility transplanted to the sunny climes of Southern California.


Robert Cavanagh teaches a seminar on Sports Communication at Emerson College-Los Angeles. He has a Ph.D. in Screen Cultures from Northwestern University, and has published work on sports in the online journals World Picture and In Media Res. He is originally from Washington, DC, that sporting cesspool on the Potomac.



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