Great Moment – Portugal vs ROK

John YeonJoon Baik 2016 April 10th   Portugal vs. South Korea. It was the World Cup match held in 2002 that people in Korea believe it was a myth to them. The next two World Cups were a reminder of unprecedented events in Korean Soccer History. Already excited by improved team, which had shown excellent plays against England and France a month before, South Korea was hoping this time would…

April 10, 2016

The First Sports Diplomacy Between Vietnam and South Korea

March 15, 2016

John YeonJoon Baik 2016 March 13th   Globalization of Sports The First Sports Diplomacy Between Vietnam and South Korea Le Van Truong Truong is a prospective soccer player and a ‘Golden Generation’ in Vietnam. He trained at the Arsenal Youth Team in England and built his skills in European style, which stands on the top of the world soccer. Thanks to the training, his accurate pass, creative play and confident…


Recap 3

John YeonJoon Baik Raptors Made 110 Points Against Blazers 103              Toronto Raptors and Portland Trail Blazers met on January 4th. The Toronto Raptors recorded an 11 winning game streak for this regular season. Nevertheless, the team was not happy for their overall grade 23 win 16 lose, which holds the team the third in rank. While Blazers has been acclaimed for its defense strategies in the…

February 9, 2016

Clippers’ Bench Prove Strong for Suns

Clippers’ Bench Prove Strong for Suns Without their star player, the Clippers squad appeared depleted and weak on paper. However, their bench saw off Chicago Bulls 120-93 in a match played in Los Angeles last Sunday. Not many people had the guts to put their money on the Clippers particularly without their key player, Blake Griffin, who is nursing an injury to his right hand. Apparently, Jamal Crawford greatly took…

February 2, 2016