Editorial Letter: Great Moments in Sports History

April 12, 2016

Most games come and go. The match we saw last week will fade from our memories in no time. But every once in a while there’s a moment that catches our eye, a moment that defines or even transcends the game, a moment that lives on forever. Some of these unforgettable moments can define a career, alter the sport’s landscape, or even change lives. These moments include one man defying Hitler…


Out of the Ordinary: The Other Sports

March 28, 2016

In the United States we commonly consider Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey as a major sport. But outside of this Big 4, athletes compete in many other sports around the globe. We, Sunset Sports, will take you on a World wide journey as we look into the history and culture of “out of the ordinary”. So hold on tight and get ready to rumble! We’re about to slide through the world of…


Globalization of Sports: USA vs The World

March 15, 2016

No one else like the US profits more in the sports industry. There are other competitive countries wanting to become as dominant in the sports market as the US. With the NFL, NBA, and soccer’s strong fanbase in America, they also have been able expanded their reach internationally. Through the eyes of our SkyBox Jocks we have elaborated on different topics of sports and how they affect their markets on a global…


The Real Price of Student Athletics

March 1, 2016

College athletics make huge amounts of money for the NCAA.  Coaches at the top schools make lucrative salaries.  Administrators utilize sports as a means of producing massive revenues for schools.  And at the very center of it all are the “student-athletes”. Despite the massive revenues of the NCAA, the players are not paid on the grounds that they are students, not employees. Mark Emmert, President of the NCAA has claimed…


Outside the Big 4

November 28, 2015

When you think of sports media, what pops into your head? Is it the several ESPN channels? The seemingly constant coverage of the NFL? Or even the countless basketball and hockey games that play on TV every day during the regular season? It’s obvious that marketing strategists have found a way to make sports media almost too present in our lives in order to maximize their profits. But I suppose the…


America’s Pastime?

November 15, 2015

Since the steroid era baseball’s viewership has been in decline. The Royals World Series championship has given our writers some time think about the issues America’s pastime is facing. This week we’ll address race and gender, the ethics of baseball coverage, the decline of baseball butts and the shrinking belief that baseball is the national pastime. Delving into these issues can bring to light the problems baseball is facing and,…



October 31, 2015

As contributors to a sports-centered website, the writers of Skyboxjocks.net know that media coverage plays a large role in crafting the identities of teams and players alike. This week we’ve decided to step away from our focus on football coverage and tackle athletic profiles that deal with how various teams, players, and sports are viewed in the public eye.