Ballroom Athletes

September 24, 2016

In the United States when someone says they play or follow a sport they usually are referring to one of the “Big Four,” which includes football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Sometimes they’ll mention soccer and even talk about a more obscure sport like ultimate Frisbee or lacrosse. Some people even claim golf is a sport. There are many sports though that do not get mentioned and one of these is…


Fish Out of Water

September 23, 2016

Athlete, Olympian, All-American, Role Model, Vandal, Thief, Disgrace, Scum, Dancer! Ryan Lochte stole our hearts in Beijing, broke them in Rio and now he’s going to try to Cha Cha his way back into every American household on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.


Golf After Tiger

November 30, 2015

Before Tiger Woods burst onto the PGA Tour scene in 1997, golf’s television ratings were at a stand still but once Tiger established himself as the most dominant athlete in all of sports, golf’s ratings went through the roof. He won 14 majors (2nd all-time), completed a grand slam, carried his own Nike clothing line and even had his own Gatorade drink and EA sports video game.


A Sport for All

November 29, 2015

It’s no secret that professional sports are an entirely male-dominated industry. Turn on ESPN right now. Aside from the token ‘pretty blonde field reporter’, you don’t see a lot of other women, do you? It is only very recently that women’s sports such as the WNBA and boxing are starting to gain media attention. But here’s where the conundrum lies: males are the main demographic for sports media consumption, and…


Abbey D’Agostino: What it Means to be a Professional Runner

November 25, 2015

Track and field is a sport that really only has major media presence during the Olympics.  That being said, many students in high school and college participate in this sport, and continue cross country running later on in their adult life.  Why aren’t accomplished track athletes, other than Usain Bolt, common household names?  Why aren’t we idolizing these impressive athletes the way we idolize quarterbacks in the NFL? Abbey D’Agostino…