Outside the Big 4

When you think of sports media, what pops into your head? Is it the several ESPN channels? The seemingly constant coverage of the NFL? Or even the countless basketball and hockey games that play on TV every day during the regular season? It’s obvious that marketing strategists have found a way to make sports media almost too present in our lives in order to maximize their profits. But I suppose the real question is, are they limiting their audience to a select number of sports?

Think about it. When was the last time you saw surfing, skateboarding, or even lacrosse on television? These are all very popular sports, and yet they get hardly any media coverage! We’re here this week to give you a refreshing break from all the talk about Quarterbacks, Steph Curry, or the Royals. Instead, each of us will talk about a different “sidelined” sport, the triumphs and downfalls of each, and the future of each sport in terms of mainstream media coverage.

In her article, contributor Maggie Sheetz sits down with Abbey D’Agostino, a professional track star. In this interview-style feature, Abbey opens up about running track for a Division 1 college, her recent experience at the National Championships, and what it would mean for track and field to be celebrated more widely in sports media. Steve Cameron delves into the topic of a post-Tiger Woods golf era. He discusses a turn-around in the popularity of golf among younger audiences and spotlights several new golf stars. Victoria Kanaris’ article is directed at the women’s lacrosse audience. She got the opportunity to talk to a professional lacrosse player in Greece and look at the future of women’s lacrosse in mainstream sports. Lastly, Sarah Brennan-Athas has a thoughtful dialogue about women’s tennis, beginning with how it is the only equal professional sport in mainstream television. She goes on to talk about why the popularity of this sport does not carry over into other women’s sports, as well as current issues surrounding the sport.


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