Letter By The Editors: Management


Organized sports wouldn’t exist without coaching, not to mention, they would never achieve the level of play seen today without the guidance of wise mentors. Every great athlete on the warpath takes time to thank a coach at some point of the way, surely they couldn’t have done it without them, they’ll tout. But another factor has yet to be introduced, reserved for upper level play. This factor is a front office, a team of business-minded individuals that come to work on the same side that they do—and they’ll hardly ever see them. These suit and tie book worms navigate luxurious office’s, making decisions behind the scenes, setting the tone of their team’s representation, the construction of their stadiums, the release and acquisition of new players, and everything in between jogging out to play. There’s a lot at stake when you introduce another side to who’s controlling the game. Athletes and managerial types historically, have as many good relationships as bad ones. There’s got to be a way to look at these figureheads objectively, to dig under the surface, to gauge their importance among the very obviously valuable, talent.


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Kyle Becker & Meredith Weber




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