Be Your Own #1 Fan

If I realized one thing this year, through a class which analyzes sports culture to a pulp, it’s that sports are merely an idea, nevertheless, an idea American as apple pie. Sports are a democratic function, every single one of them runs itself and only itself. From grassroots to glass roofs, nobody is forcing you to play sports, even that overly passionate high school wrestling coach can’t force you into that singlet. That’s important, it’s not school, it’s never mandated— even though it sure as hell looks and feels like the same.


So if the sports themselves are not mandated, why do they feel like mandated viewing? Coverage has always been widespread but the connections are undeniably worldwide at this point. Corporations back sports to help their marketability and sports backs them in return. Just look at how America has slowly become a sovereign nation, appointing the devil himself, Donald, sports are now a sovereign organization. Billions of dollars go plug into aspects of sports we never think about. Teams run up bills and rent out hotels and cause air traffic.

Sure, athletes are glamorous and I appreciate them, but surely overpaid for their physical sacrifice. You can say they’re banking their careers on their bodies but working class does the same thing, with their minds, sometimes unable to treat their bodies well, but a sports star does. The majority of them never consider doing anything else with their life, and then get whatever they want along with the stardom and payday for sticking to their dreams. I understand idolizing these people, but don’t mistake them for prophets. You don’t need anyone but you and your foundation to thrive.

We have let both our governing body and cultural compass turn into our main focus. Sports are not mandated, but their ratings don’t lie, they’re still high! What makes this all possible, are obviously the honest working fans of the world, who come home to put their lives on hold and bleed for their teams in a jersey with a beer. Supposedly! I’ve been asking more people, some total strangers, who their favorite team or player is. And I’ll tell you what, half of them say, “who gives a s***”.


Sports could die off, granted it would have to happen quickly, there’s too many people holding it together monitoring it as it goes. It would have to be like the housing crisis, but I believe it could be in our foreseeable future. If coverage straight out stopped, people would let it go. Despite all their hard felt fan feelings, with their long histories and stinky relics, would clean out the closet and change for the better. Life has become a multi faceted adventure, with tech innovations, more emphasis on travel and nature, industry opportunities, the importance of sports is fizzling.

Think about how many kids stop playing sports, ones they once adored, so they can become a ‘real person’ again. It doesn’t make sense how addictive sports are to viewers, even though you get so much of it growing up. Maybe it’s time we retire sports all together. A collective agreement by fans everywhere; no more following scores or teams, no diluting yourself. Just pure devote to your true feelings in relation to the very real focuses of your life. But maybe football is your life. Basketball, baseball, tennis, whatever. Ratings of sports center are actually down 6 percent all time. Figures, it’s more focused on the politics of sports and celebrity affairs. This doesn’t mean much for sports though in this case, as ticket sales are stagnant for the most part. But still, I can sense a change coming.

Is it it just me, or do people just not rock jerseys anymore?

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