Celtics Fight Back To Defeat Cavs at Quicken Loans Arena


The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Boston Celtics on February 6 in a game where the Celtics refused to give up against the team that swept them in the playoffs last year.

The Celtics had trouble getting on the board as the Cavaliers took the lead quickly. The Cavs dominated the first quarter scoring 32 points against the Celtics 20.

The second quarter continued to be controlled by Cleveland. Kyrie managed the court with 19 points and six assists. The Celtics managed to cut the Cavs lead down by six before heading into the locker room for halftime.

Whatever Brad Stevens said in the locker room clearly motivated the Celtics to take charge in the game. Amir Johnson started the quarter off scoring 4 points followed up by Bradley making a 3-pointer for the Celtic’s first lead of the game. The Cavs fought back, but had trouble stretching out their lead by the end of the quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Celtics dropped 39 points thanks to Isaiah Thomas, Tyler Zeller, and Evan Turner. Thomas scored 11 points this period as Zeller supported the Celtics on the bench with 8 pts. Turner delivered 7 to total 26 points between the three players.

The final seven seconds of the game was magic by the Celtics and Stevens. The Celtics were down 4 points with seven seconds left. Evan Turner drives for a layup to reduce the lead to 2 pts. J.R. Smith fouls Evan Turner giving the ball back to the Celtics. Turner misses the free throw and the ball goes out of bounds by LeBron James. With four seconds left on the clock, Avery Bradley nailed a 3-point shot and won the game.


Avery Bradley Game Winning Buzzer Beater


“I knew it was there.” Bradley told ESPN. “It’s a great feeling. I lost the ball for a second and I didn’t even think I had enough time to get the shot off – but I did.”

The Cavs had to eat this hard loss as they only made 21 of 35 free throws. This irritated Cleveland Coach Tyronn Lue.

“I can’t describe it.” Lue stated. “You just have to step up and make free throws.”

This is the Celtics eighth win in nine games. With the momentum Boston has going, they will be wishing that the All-Star break would get cancelled to keep this energy alive.


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