Concussions- When Will It End?

The NFL is a 63 billion dollar industry. Higher by a large margin, than any other sport in motion. Concussions—seem to be the elephant in the room when it comes to football as a whole.



I know I love to talk about it, and thankfully so does the media. Forbes did a whole segment plus article on it this past February, which gleaned very insightful. They claim Boston University recently conducted a study that found CTE in the brains of 90 former NFL. I’m sure there’s more too.


It seems staggering, how much intensity football players bring to the field, even to this day, knowing the risks and all. The National Football League is a well oiled machine, and they know where they stand in the market, which is why they should start treating the concussion issue with grave importance. As the biggest franchise in the world, it can quickly be stripped of that title, say the youth of America avoids football from a young age. The players are the employees.


How can action be taken, if the players can’t play at a slowed pace? For one, rules that are already implemented fining players who hit with the head are less than effective. It’s natural for a tackler and even a ball carrier to lean with his head, because the body follows the head, and when it’s time to blow through somebody you better believe you’re not standing straight up.


It really comes down to the reform of the helmet, because at the end of the day, it’s the brain that must be safe. Impressive things are happening right now with the company VICIS, (launched at the start of 2016, funded by $10 million). “This helmet is like any other” being that it would custom fit each player and buckle with the hits. Until now, the pros are wearing the same helmets you would find at your local Dicks sporting goods.


VICIS Zero1 helmet in collaboration with the University of Washington will come into play this season, it is not stated when. Right now the helmets cost $1,500, making them NFL exclusive, but will eventually become marginalized to the point of consumer affordability. The unique technology gears to keep the head from violently shaking, and causing the real danger of brain movement inside the skull.




Helmets were originally created to prevent skull fractures—which they’ve done with pinpoint success. Now, it’s time to implement the helmet designed to prevent concussions—the sports biggest setback.



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