Editorial Letter: The Future of Sports


Sports have long been a pillar of culture in the world and have changed a lot over the course of history. As the world pushes forward into the 21st century sports will continue to change, influenced by society, innovators, and technology. Safety concerns and social issues challenge sporting giants like the NFL to change the way it treats the game and everyone participating. The slow death of broadcast television is changing the way people keep up with their favorite teams and new technology like virtual reality is challenging the way we enjoy them. New sports like electronic sports have cropped up that are questioning the what it means to be a sport. Many of these factors and more are explored in the articles of this special issue. Meredith Weber explores how virtual reality is changing how athletes and fans alike perceive their sports. Shepard Price analyzes how speed and skill are taking over the NHL’s image as a gritty, physical sport. Jake Vollmer imagines a satirical view of what the American sports scene might look like in the year 2050. Max Cherry previews the destinies of current and future sports dynasties. Jordan Hwang breaks down the pivot sports will take towards live, online streaming. Last but not least, Kyle Becker gives his opinions on the college to pros decision process.


– Max Cherry & Jake Vollmer


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