The Real Price of Student Athletics

College athletics make huge amounts of money for the NCAA.  Coaches at the top schools make lucrative salaries.  Administrators utilize sports as a means of producing massive revenues for schools.  And at the very center of it all are the “student-athletes”. Despite the massive revenues of the NCAA, the players are not paid on the grounds that they are students, not employees. Mark Emmert, President of the NCAA has claimed that students should not be paid, and are compensated in other ways, saying “We provide them with remarkable opportunities, to get an education at the finest universities on Earth”.

This week we will be examining the experiences of Division I student-athletes, and discussing the validity of the NCAA’s claims.


Do student athletes truly receive quality educations?

What are the risks inherent to the student athlete experience?

Do student athletes deserve additional compensation aside from their education?

Are student athletes protected from the risks of their situation?


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