Giants on the Rise

Whether it was the fact that the Giants finally got their act together or the Pope’s visit to NY, fans could let out a sigh of relief upon leaving MetLife Stadium Thursday night with the first win of the season under their belt.

Able to fend off a second divisional loss, the NY Giants finally proved they had what it takes to maintain a lead through the fourth quarter, but was it enough to convince us that they can pull it off again in the upcoming weeks? For their sake I hope so.

The Giants have found themselves in a great position in the NFC East due to the devastating injuries and rocky beginnings for the competition. After starting 0-2 in games that should have put them at 2-0 and the top of the division, the Giants had very little hope of making it far this season. Now they have the opportunity to rush ahead in the standings by capitalizing on the second string offense that the Cowboy’s are relying on and the Eagles’ readjustments after also starting the season 0-2. Additionally, Big Blue has looked strong for most of their contests, losing their leads only in the fourth quarter.

Following the 32-21 victory over the Washington Redskins, spectators should hope the NY fourth quarter lull has been expelled. Given the Giants’ previous fourth quarter follies, it wasn’t surprising that Washington was able to close some of the gap towards the tail end of the contest on Thursday. With the win essentially in the bag, Big Blue’s defense allowed a 4-yd TD pass to Chris Thompson and 2-point conversion on a Washington 74-yd drive lead by Kirk Cousins. Luckily Reuben Randle was able to hold off the encroaching Redskins with his TD catch bumping the lead back up from 11 points to 18. It seemed like the Giants were in the clear at this point, but special teams mistake lead to a 101-yd kick return by Washington’s Rashad Ross, essentially canceling out Randle’s previous efforts. Eli Manning was able to manage the clock this time and claimed the much needed win with some buffer and a little bit of nail biting for the fans.

Hopefully, next week, especially with the long-awaited return of Victor Cruz, the Giants can pull off a win that ends on a positive note rather than a deflated effort. And this time they won’t have the Pope nearby to give them an extra blessing.

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