The rise of Tigress

The Bangladesh women’s cricket team made history by winning ACC (Asian Cricket Cup) in 2018. They had beaten the six-time winner India won the Asia Cup. Bangladesh team was granted to ODI in 2011 and to T20I in 2014. Although the Bangladesh team was qualified to the International world very recently, they have achieved tremendous success. They have only played 36 WODIs compare to India (263), Australia (73). After winning the nail-biting match by three wickets, taking the green and red flag on the international platform they are still facing negligence comparing to other playing nations.

The tigress stunned the world after beating six time champion in the final of Asia Cup in 2018

Unfortunately, their salary is less than one-third of the payment of a category C male cricket player. There is always a shower of praise for the male team when they win a significant match. On top of that, They receive apartment, car and a healthy amount of money. On the other hand, the women team doesn’t even get enough attention to media. There are fewer facilities for women team to practice and they hardly get a match to play.

If the discrimination stays like that after even achieving such a historic with would be difficult for the team in the future. The girls should be a priority and good care to make them better for a future match.

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